Fitness & Rehabilitation Products

Instant Replay Fitness & Rehabilitation Products

Jenni Weston of Instant Replay Fitness & Rehab Products has partnered with New West Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre to provide our clients with a convenient way to purchase needed fitness and rehabilitation products.   Instant Replay has opened a kiosk storefront in the Physiotherapy Office.  They offer a selection of exercise equipment and training supplies tailored to the needs of our patients and the general public such as:

Exercise & Therapeutic Products: 

Available for purchase at our clinic are exercise balls, theraband tubing, wobble boards, shoulder solutions, and more.

Athletic & Medical Supplies:

Available for purchase at our clinic are athletic tape and wraps, hot/cold packs, and more.

Cold Rush Cryotherapy:

Available for purchase or rental at our clinic.


Available for purchase at our clinic with a doctor’s prescription.

For more information on our Fitness & Rehab Products, call Instant Replay 604-526-1886 or email