Dr. Robert McCormack

Bejing Olympics Wrap up Bob McCormack Sept 2008 Dr. Robert McCormack is a practicing Orthopaedic surgeon with a practice focused on Sport Injuries.  His practice is located in New Westminster but he also has an academic appointment at the University of British Columbia where he is a full professor and the associate head of the UBC department.In addition to his surgical practice he is on the medical staff of two of Vancouver’s professional sports teams and is a consultant for the NHL players association. He is the Orthopaedic surgeon for two local universities and is a physician for several National teams, in both summer and winter sports.Dr. McCormack has also worked as a member of the Canadian health care team at several multi-sport games, most recently as the Chief Medical Officer at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. Between Games he acts as the Medical Director for the Canadian Olympic Team.

Contact Numbers
  • Telephone: 604-526-7885
  • Fax: 604-525-4006