1. Where is New West Sports Medicine Physiotherapy?
We are located at 65 Richmond Street, half way between Columbia St. and Cumberland St. Our building is one of the remaining heritage buildings from the old BC Penitentiary. It is a large stone building surrounded by condominiums. The main entrance to the building is around to the back side from the driveway. Physiotherapy is in the basement, one floor down from the main entrance.

2. Do I need a referral?
No. You do not need a doctor’s referral to see a physiotherapist in British Columbia. However, some health insurance policies require you to have a doctor’s referral in order to be reimbursed. Please check your policy to avoid complications.

3. Do you accept ICBC or WorkSafe BC/WCB patients?
Yes. Patients covered by ICBC or WorkSafe BC claims are welcome. Please be sure to bring any appropriate information you have such as your claim number and adjustor’s name.

4. How long will my appointment take?
Your initial assessment may take up to 90 minutes. This time allows your therapist to conduct a full physical assessment of your injury, discuss their findings with you, and develop a treatment plan for you. Follow-up visits typically require less time, but are based on each patient’s needs.

5. What should I bring to an appointment?
Please bring your BC CareCard and doctor’s referral if you have one. If you have an ICBC or WorkSafe BC claim, please bring your claim number, and the name of your adjustor.
If your injury is to the upper body (trunk, neck or upper extremities), please bring a tank top, or loose fitting short sleeve shirt. Women are requested to wear a sports bra if possible. If your injury is to the lower back or lower extremities, please bring shorts and running shoes. If you have orthotics, or use a brace, please bring them for the therapist to assess.

6. Were can I park?
There is plenty of free parking at the clinic.

7. Is there bus service near by?
There is a bus stop immediately in front of the clinic, which is served by the C3 Fraserview / New Westminster Station bus. The C9 – New Westminster Station / Lougheed Station bus arrives 1 1/2 blocks away at Jamieson Court.

8. Do I have to pay for visits?
There is a private fee for physiotherapy assessment and subsequent treatments, which will be charged at your visit (see fee schedule). This fee may be less if you are covered by MSP (you have an exempt status on your care card), or you have an ICBC claim. Patients with the Department of Veterans Affairs, the RCMP, or with an approved WorkSafe BC/WCB claim are fully funded, and do not have to pay at the clinic. If you have extended health coverage, you can recover some or all of the fees depending on your plan.